Acclimation Flooring


Acclimation is a pre-installation process that allows the materials of the hardwood floors to breathe and get used to the environment, adapt to the conditions in which it will be install, ensuring that it changes thus and adequately prevent future deformations.

The importance of acclimation is because the humidity of the air can cause the hardwood to expand. Acclimation to all hardwoods is essential to avoid:

  • Future hollows.

  • Deformations.

  • Hardwood expansion.

  • Shrinkage Hardwood.

  • Swelling.

The interior temperature and humidity should always be soft and consistent throughout the life of your hardwood floor.

How long does the acclimation take?

Generally, the floor requires a minimum of 72 hours, but other factors must also be considered, such as the climate of the region, and especially the humidity of the place where the hardwood floor will install. A moisture meter is used to compare the moisture content of the hardwood with the subsoil where it will be install. So, then the installation will begin.

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