The Hardwood Floor Through The Time


The Hardwood Floors began to use in the seventeenth century and often as cutting boards. In the 1980s there was the emergence of pre-finished Hardwood Floors turning towards the classic and clean look of Hardwood planks. Due to the way pre-finished Hardwood planks were constructing, and chipped edges were common.

Before the mid-nineteenth century, there were few finished Hardwood Floors; the popular one was parquet finishing, it is the method to place pieces of hardwood in geometric patterns and place the portions on the sub-floor with small nails. Decorative Hardwood Floors began to use before the parquet finishing.

Over the years, homeowners become more aware of the environment; especially when they want to choose the surface for their house. Now we can see many types of Flooring products such as Solid Hardwood, Engineered Flooring, Luxury Vinyl, and Waterproof Laminate Flooring.

The Hardwood Floors are warm and versatile, also gives you a natural beauty for your home. Throughout the years, Hardwood is one of the most popular surfaces chosen by customers.

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