Bamboo Flooring

A flooring option that many people don’t know of is bamboo flooring. Not much information is available for this product because of its lack of popularity. Bamboo is treelike grass most abundant in East and Southeast Asia. It has many positives, along with some drawbacks.

Its benefits

  • Eco-friendly, Bamboo has great renewability resources.

  • Durable, Several types of bamboo are extremely strong, strand woven bamboo can be manufactured to be even stronger than woods like red oak.

  • Reasonable pricing, This product is very redundant and is no more than $9 per square foot.

  • Low maintenance, To clean it, you have to sweep or vacuum it regularly, but you can also mop it, just not so frequently.


Its drawbacks

  • Susceptible to scratches, If you have pet’s bamboo flooring would not be the best option.

  • Water and humidity damage, Bamboo is resistant to moisture; however, excessive humidity can severely damage the flooring.

  • Emission of VOCs,  most bamboo floors have adhesives that emit VOCs; however, there are bamboo floors that emit low VOCs.

Despite its drawbacks, it can be a good option for your home. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (408) 333-9771 or (408) 509-8627. You can also visit our showroom in 1190 Mountain View-Alviso, Ste N, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

Bamboo is The Best Ecology Option Of Hardwood Flooring.


Bamboo is an excellent choice for Eco-friendly flooring, it’s the fastest growing plant, and Bamboo can be harvest every 3-7 years, some bamboo species can grow 35” in just 24 hrs.  The range of Bamboo grown, collected and distributed in the United States is 15-39 feet. Bamboo is a renewable resource, so that's mean that you will be making a responsible choice for our environment. It's amazing!

Bamboo is one of the hardest plants to use for flooring. Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than other Hardwood options, brick, and tensile strength. Entrepreneurs began selling bamboo floors in the mid-1990s.

Compared to tree species, bamboo grows fast. So, it makes harvesting easy and for a shorter period than tree plantations. Bamboo is an Eco-friendly construction. The bamboo floors are warm and comfortable. It is just as beautiful and resistant as any other type of hardwood, in addition to which cost is lower because it is a renewable material. Let's make more environmentally conscious choices and choose bamboo for our hardwood floors. At Evergreen Hardwood Floors, we have many finishing options and colors that you can choose according to your style.

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