Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors


Knowing how to properly take care of your flooring is vital. Here are a couple of ways to maintain your floors, so that'll last long.

- Use hardwood products designed specifically for your flooring type.

- Don't use ammonia-based products or any other harsh chemicals to clean the floor.

- Don't apply topcoats to your floor before consulting with a hardwood floor specialist.

- Place padding under furniture legs, don't drag furniture or heavy objects and trim pet nails to avoid scratches.

- Sweep or vacuum regularly to get rid of dust particles.

- Limit your floors from direct sunlight to avoid color fades.

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The Advantage of Hardwood Floor


The Hardwood flooring is the best choice compares to other flooring products, there is a lot of advantage of Hardwood floors such as the durability, healthy, resistance and, it can be a significant investment. Talking about a home, you always want to have a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy the time with your family, everyone is looking for a comfort and quality moment.

 Hardwood flooring is very durable compared to another flooring; they can last at least 20 years with proper maintenance. If they become damaged, they also are refinished. Harder woods will be more robust and will last longer and softer woods. There are even hardwoods that have survived for over 100 years in historic homes, so the possibility for a long life is great!

 Hardwood flooring is healthier than carpet; it creates a cozy environment for the entire family member. Bamboo is a natural and green product of Hardwood flooring, and it's a renewable resource that grows faster than any other hard. It is also easy to clean and is a great material to use if you are concerned about protecting the environment.

 Hardwood flooring especially engineered is very durable and consist of water resistant on the very bottom layer of the hardwood, that why Engineered Hardwood Flooring is an excellent choice if you are considering about the moisture.

 Making a good quality purchase of Hardwood flooring is also a good investment. We know that there's a cost of quality and the Hardwood flooring is not an exception, but it is worth it, the demand is significant, and the price of Hardwood Flooring is always going up. The cost varies depending on the species and the grade of the Hardwood as well. And we must remember that the wood is reusable, so if in the future you want to remove your wooden floor your investment will not remain in the trash, you can reuse, for example, to make your pet house.