Light Toned Hardwood Floors


Choosing the right color of flooring can be a tough decision. You have to consider your furniture, paint, lighting, etc. Hardwood colors come in a variety of options, from Red Oak to Java Strand Bamboo. Before deciding which color would be best for your aesthetic, you should look into what different ranges of color provide.

If you have decided on light colors, some options you might consider are Red Oak, Birch, Ash, and Maple; however, if you're looking into light hardwood stains, you should consider white-wash or light gray.

Here are their advantages:

1. They're easy to work with. Light colors work well with different aesthetic options.

2. They make spaces seem bigger, perfect for apartments.

3. Unlike dark hardwood, dirt and dust are not easily spotted.

Here are their disadvantages:

1. They wear out faster than dark hardwood in high traffic areas.

2. They aren't very trendy at the moment.

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Real Hardwood vs Tile Hardwood Look-alike

There are various types of flooring, like authentic hardwood and look-alike tile and it can be hard choosing between them. They are both great options, but before considering either product, you should be informed of their pros and cons.

These are the advantages of real hardwood floors:

  • Easy maintenance

  • Long durability

  • It’s comfortable

These are the disadvantages of real hardwood floors:

  • Prone to scratches

  • Very susceptible to water damage

  • Can’t be installed in any area because of humidity

These are the advantages of hardwood tile flooring:

  • Scratch proof

  • Waterproof

  • Can be installed in any area

  • Nonallergenic

  • Durable

These are the disadvantages of hardwood tile flooring:

  • More expensive to replace

  • Prone to cracks and chips

  • Can be very slippery

  • Can be uncomfortable

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