french oak

French Oak & European Oak


French Oak?

French Oak is a high content of tannin than any other Oak. Tannin reacts better in the aging process. Each table has its beauty and style also allows you to create custom colors on the hardwood floor. Designed for long-term durability.

European Oak?

It is a beautiful hardwood originating from various countries in Europe, most commonly used European Oak comes from France, England, and Germany. European Oak has the same Janka rating of 1360.

What is the difference between French Oak and European Oak?

The French Oak is processed and qualified according to the strict norms of the FNB; they have classification rules and specific drying methods whereas the European Oak comes from any Oak, anywhere in Europe the age and species of the Oak do not matter, as long as it is Oak from Europe.

Many products made with French Oak have a unique source material, which guarantees the consistency and quality of the finished product. The European Oak products are not regulated, which means that they have not controlled the age of the trees, the species and the parts of the trees.

French Oak grain "cathedral" is one of the most significant. What this means is that each board has a variety of grains, from straight to a quarter of sawing and from a crack to a simple. In general, the narrower grain impregnates, with emphasis on a flat appearance and crack.

The fact that you decide on one is just for pleasure. Both are good options. We carry various choices of both French Oak and European Oak.

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