The Hardwood Floor Through The Time


The Hardwood Floors began to use in the seventeenth century and often as cutting boards. In the 1980s there was the emergence of pre-finished Hardwood Floors turning towards the classic and clean look of Hardwood planks. Due to the way pre-finished Hardwood planks were constructing, and chipped edges were common.

Before the mid-nineteenth century, there were few finished Hardwood Floors; the popular one was parquet finishing, it is the method to place pieces of hardwood in geometric patterns and place the portions on the sub-floor with small nails. Decorative Hardwood Floors began to use before the parquet finishing.

Over the years, homeowners become more aware of the environment; especially when they want to choose the surface for their house. Now we can see many types of Flooring products such as Solid Hardwood, Engineered Flooring, Luxury Vinyl, and Waterproof Laminate Flooring.

The Hardwood Floors are warm and versatile, also gives you a natural beauty for your home. Throughout the years, Hardwood is one of the most popular surfaces chosen by customers.

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Hardwood Floors For Sports' Courts


The hardwood floors are well known and used in sports courts, so if you plan to make a basketball court, volleyball, squash, if you are going to put a bowling alley or a dance hall, and it has cost you to find a company with experience in the installation of your hardwood floors. Come to us, and we will give you many options such as wood, finishes, colors, textures at the best price, if you need support we will provide it.

Why is the wooden floor used in this type of sports already mentioned?

Basketball, squash and volleyball are a game that requires a lot of movement and fright on the part of the players and the ball itself, so they compete on wooden courts. Is packaged under pressure which makes the surface smooth, no cracks and counteracts accidents at the time of a union that provides a flat surface and without obstacles, other benefits are, for example:

- A decrease in force/impact.

- Control of information.

- bounced ball

- Decrease before uncontrolled displacement

- Behavior before rotation

A covered basketball court uses a maple wood floor or hard maple, this type of wood is what we can usually find in the stadiums of the NBA. For being a dense wood with fine fibers, so it is resistant and does not splinter, so it is durable and requires little maintenance. But hard maple is not recommended on outdoor courts.

Dancing on a hardwood floor

In artistic dances or ballet, Hardwood Floors are an option because they are soft, light and the acoustic are very good, for example, they have a tap, the wooden floor helps to have better acoustics, a better grip, and softness to avoid any injury. Floating wooden floors are ideal because they are placed without nailing, screwing and without touching the ground, so it is entirely smooth and ready to use. We give you options of finishes, for this type of flooring we usually give a semi-gloss or gloss finish, for its shiny finish but they are not the only options.

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