Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Floor is a synthetic product and has a variety of finishes; it looks like natural hardwood. Vinyl Floor is very durable and it very convenient for a house with children and pets.

Rigid core flooring is the newest luxury vinyl platform and known as SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring. Some good brands produce Rigid core flooring with over 60% of the stone composite.

Here are some advantages of the Vinyl flooring:

  • Easy to clean.

  • Resistant to stains.

  • Resistant to deformation.

  • Resistant to discoloration.

  • Easy installation of waterproof.

  • Moisture resistance.

  • Vinyl flooring is less expensive than hardwood.

A Vinyl floor comes in plank and tile. You can use those both in residential and commercial as well.

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What is Laminate Floor?


The Laminated Floor is a surface layer of two thin sheets of paper; the upper surface layer is a transparent and resistant plastic sheet that is impervious to common harmful elements.

One of the main advantages of Laminate Flooring is its versatility. Laminate Floors can look like hardwood. Other benefits of Laminate Floors are:

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Quick and convenient installation

  • Resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria.

  • Natural looking.

Laminate floors are economical concerning hardwood and engineered hardwood. In price, the laminate is comparable to the luxury vinyl floor.

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