Hardwood Texture  


Hardwood Floors today is much-used but, do you know that there is a lot of option when you choose the texture's surface of Hardwood Floors?

The Hardwood Floors mostly used in small homes like departments, but now houses are not falling behind. But the costumes are no longer going for the practice or the usual, now prefer small imperfections that manage to get out of the ordinary. And Hardwood floors will never go out of trend because the demand is still huge.


Smooth texture

The surface is best known and used by the users; this cover is free from roughness or irregularities, has a subtler layer than the others, making it an excellent option for a modern and elegant room. It is the preferred texture for offices, museums, basketball floors, etc. The process is simple, and the maple Hardwood Floor is an ideal option for this type of level.


Wire Brush

This type of hardwood it’s between the smooth texture and the hand scraped, this finishes its achieved on a steel bristle that rash the wood and highlights the grains of wood, giving a rash touch. It consists of a subtle wire brushing. It is ideal for small relaxation spaces. The perfect wood for this type of texture is the red or white oak, for its durability and the hardness.


Hand Scraped/ distressed.

In a question to the others this type of texture comes more in a tendency for the fast acceptance of the users, to provide something out of the ordinary. They are old wear and tear, wormholes, scraping and more, in different areas of each board, without repetition of patterns, depths individually for a more rustic appearance on the surface, which shows the unique grain and the natural patterns of the type of wood you choose -white oak or red oak it’s a great and trendy option. The inequality of the cover is what makes it unique. You can try with many kinds of finishes, semi-gloss, satin or matte.



Pets & Hardwood Floors


When you have made the decision to install a Hardwood Floor in your house, and you have or plan to have a pet at home, and that makes you think about what type of Hardwood Floor you should buy, you should keep the following in mind:

  • The resistance. The higher the grade of Janka, the hardwood will be more resistant and less to scratches (we can give you more information about the options there are). The Oak, both White and Red, are good concerning hardness, the exotic species to, but they could be more expensive.

  • The texture, it would be convenient to choose a wire brush texture since it will create a natural appearance, which will hide the scratches that may occur.

  • The color of the Hardwood Floors, with natural hues, will hide scratches more than a stained hardwood. In the same way, a Hardwood Floor with variations of color will help to camouflage any imperfection found in the finish due to wear and tear.

  • The finish, our recommended would be matte finish since it reflects less light, which will make the scratches that are made less visible.

As an addition to the dust and waxed Hardwood Floor will be better to hide the dust, dirt and scratches are less seen. You can choose a Solid Hardwood Floor or an Engineering Hardwood Floor, seeing its advantages and disadvantages concerning sanding and finishing your Hardwood Floor, to renew it and make your investment more satisfactory.

If you have any questions about the characteristics of Hardwood Floor for your needs, contact us at (408) 509-8627-(408) 333-9771, or come to our showroom to see examples and together we will make an evaluation to choose the best option.