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Scratches on your Hardwood Floor?


The dreaded cracks or scratches on the Hardwood Floor can appear due to wrong maintenance, carelessness or, just, due to the passage of time. When any of these defects are detected, it is necessary to act immediately to avoid that the damage is more considerable. We present some ways to repair them depending on the type of Hardwood Floor we have and the depth of the scratch:

Whether it's the type of Hardwood Floor, you have, such as Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Laminate Flooring, imitation Hardwood, and Vinyl Flooring, we can divide those according to their strength and their type of material.

For Hardwood Floors and Engineered Hardwood, if the scratch is deep, it is recommended to sand and then apply a varnish of our liking, with that we ensure a uniform finish, wholly new and fresh, instead of making patches. With some other material, which in the long run makes the appearance of our apartment worse. Keep in mind that Engineering Hardwood may or may not be sanding depending on the thickness of the top layer. We can guide you to know if it is possible or not to sand your Engineering Hardwood Floor.

Laminate Flooring, imitation Hardwood, and Vinyl Flooring, cant be sanding.

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