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The Hardwood Floor Through The Time


The Hardwood Floors began to use in the seventeenth century and often as cutting boards. In the 1980s there was the emergence of pre-finished Hardwood Floors turning towards the classic and clean look of Hardwood planks. Due to the way pre-finished Hardwood planks were constructing, and chipped edges were common.

Before the mid-nineteenth century, there were few finished Hardwood Floors; the popular one was parquet finishing, it is the method to place pieces of hardwood in geometric patterns and place the portions on the sub-floor with small nails. Decorative Hardwood Floors began to use before the parquet finishing.

Over the years, homeowners become more aware of the environment; especially when they want to choose the surface for their house. Now we can see many types of Flooring products such as Solid Hardwood, Engineered Flooring, Luxury Vinyl, and Waterproof Laminate Flooring.

The Hardwood Floors are warm and versatile, also gives you a natural beauty for your home. Throughout the years, Hardwood is one of the most popular surfaces chosen by customers.

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Janka Scale Wood Hardness

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The wood species are several, and we will talk about the most resistant, we will use the Janka scale to make known the hardness of the wood. We will start with the hardest.

  • Brazilian family

The hardest wood is the species of the Brazilian: Cumuru (3540), Walnut (3680), cherry (2350), chestnut (3417) and koa (2160) according to the Janka scale. This type of wood is an exotic species each class has its distinctive color but in the range of browns.

  • Teakwood

Teakwood is a tropical wood, which has a hardness of 3330 according to the scale of Janka, it is resistant to water, so if you live in a wet place it would be ideal to have an adequate duration.

  • Red Oak and White Oak

We need to remember that either white or red oak is the most popular for the installation of hardwood floors, has a hardness of 1360 and 1290 respectively, has variety. This type of hardwood it’s used in any room of the house.

  • Hard Maple-Canadian Maple

The Hard maple and Canadian maple has a hardness of 1450, is easy to work, has a reddish or golden hue and it's used from basketball courts bowling floors and residential dance floors.

  • Bamboo

The bamboo strand it's used for its hardness (3789), Resistance and besides that, it is an ecological option. Do not confuse it with the natural bamboo that has a lower Resistance 1380 according to the Janka scale.

  • Santos Mahogany- Acacia

Santos Mahogany wood has a hardness of 2200; the acacia has a hardness of 2250 has a very dynamic grain and knots which contribute to a house, they both give an optimistic attitude with excellent durability, as well as an elegant look.

  • The American family (Hickory, Cherry, Walnut)

The Hickory American wood has a hardness of 1820. The American cherry and American walnut with a hardness of 950 and 1010 respectively are lower than the first, but that does not make them worse since they are also great options.

  • Sapele

It has a hardness of 1510; it used in residential and commercial places. The floor is durable enough to handle high traffic without showing too much wear.

  • Heart Pine-Birch

With a hardness of 12250 and 1260, it makes it ideal for an old look; it has whirlpools that makes it look like that and has long durability.

As you can see, there are many types of hardwood that we can work with, and we manage all of them to give you excellent quality wood for your hardwood floors.

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