Hardwood Floors Add Value To Your Home.


It’s no secret that Hardwood Floors add value to your home; also they bring warmth and character into any space, and they can be modified to fit any style.

Evergreen Hardwood Floors offers stain, sand and refinishing services for all types of your Hardwood Floors. We can also match your existing Hardwood color or give you options if you want to change the color of your Hardwood Floors.

As with most parts of your home, Hardwood Floors need some maintenance. Over time, life happens, and your floors can get damaged, or the protective coating gets worn away.

If they correctly maintained and refinished as needed, your hardwood flooring can have a long life.

If you have water damage, extensive scratches, large Gouges or chips, gray discoloration, extensive staining, sun discoloration, worn or splintering areas, failing the water test, or if you only want a change of style, it's time for you to contact us and will provide you with a Free Estimate to make your Hardwood Floors look brand new again.

Below are the detail of our services:

  • Hardwood Stain, Sand & Refinishing Services.

  • Hardwood Stairs Stain, Sand and Refinishing Services

  • Hardwood Stairs Repair.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a Free Estimate appointment.