Engineered Hardwood Floors is made of 100% real wood, it's consist of several cross-stacked layers of wood that are more stable and resistant to humidity and moisture than solid wood floors. Unlike solid wood, engineered hardwood doesn't shrink or expand due to temperature and humidity changes. It also allows for longer and wider planks, providing not only a more desirable look but also resistance to the bending or bowing that can occur with longer solid planks.

Engineered Hardwood floors is the great option for moisture especially if you have a concrete sub-floor. Engineered Hardwood Floors is made by gluing a top-layer or veneer of solid hardwood onto another layer of hardwood. This makes the floors less dense and therefore more resistant to elements like moisture and heat.

A common misconception about engineered hardwood floors is that they aren’t real. This is not true. Engineered hardwood floors are made from 100% genuine wood. They are called ‘engineered,’ because they are designed for performance.

While it is true that engineered hardwood floors can sometimes be cheaper than solid hardwood, this does not mean that they represent a worse choice. In fact, engineered hardwood floors generally require less maintenance, are easier to install, offer a wider array of choices to the consumer, and perform better than solid hardwood.

This performance-level mainly has to do with water. Solid hardwood is very responsive to moisture in the air. Changes in temperature and humidity cause solid hardwood floors to expand and contract with the seasons.

To help minimize this movement, manufacturers cut solid hardwood thin in width and thick in height. You don’t need to cut engineered hardwood this way because it can better accommodate changes in humidity and temperature. This means that planks of engineered hardwood can be cut much wider than solid hardwood, offering more choices to the consumer.

Engineered hardwood is also much easier to install than solid hardwood. Again, this has to do with moisture. The fact that solid hardwood changes its shape means that you can only install it on certain types of surfaces and in a very specific way.


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