Hardwood Remains a Flooring Popular Trend in 2023, Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Hardwood Remains a Flooring Popular Trend in 2023, Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Hardwood Remains a Flooring Popular Trend in 2023, Sustainability Takes Center Stage.

Get inspired with Herringbone Hardwood Floors

Get inspired with Herringbone Hardwood Floors

This Herringbone pattern is trending right now, especially when you are combining this pattern with the hardwood plank, you’ll get a lovely and gorgeous home design.

The history of Herringbone is a design inspired by (of all things) a fish or the skeleton of a fish, it seems unattractive but it quite eye-catching. With the zig-zag pattern, this specific design Herringbone pattern takes a bit of work and craftmanship.

Herringbone flooring is also timeless, with the historical design and blends seamlessly with traditional and retro-style spaces, but you can also get a modern design touch with this kind of pattern that makes Herringbone popularity continues growing year-by-year.

Featuring “Timbertop Herringbone Collection” by Urban Floor, European Oak Lucca Herringbone is one of the most popular colors from this collection, with the reactive stain and smoked finishes.

This collection steeped in rich history and abounding in old-world charm, Lucca is one of the most beloved cities in the region of Tuscany, Inspired by the charming culture of its namesake, the European Oak Lucca Herringbone brims with character and style. Each 4-3/4” wide plank is carefully brushed to accentuate the natural wood grain and complemented with a modern matte finish.

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With high density of 2,100 psi (kg/m3) and simple production process that is completed by heat without glue made this Luxury SPC collection become the best choice for any residential and commercial projects that are concern of health and environmentally friendly.

Made with 100% virgin (new) materials don’t contains any harmful substances such as heavy metals, cinnamaldehyde esters, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

100% virgin materials and high density combines commercial grade of durability and strength while simultaneously delivering a timeless visual experience that is both modern and rustic. The natural look and feel of our collections create a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere that is soothing and chic.

Our revolutionary lines of luxury synthetic 100% waterproof SPC flooring that effortlessly combines the extravagance of opulent flooring while maintaining a sense of comfort, hospitality and modern elegance.

Check out our collection below:

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2021 Trend: Stain Hardwood

2021 Trend: Stain Hardwood

2021 Stain Hardwood Color Trend: Which Colors are Most Popular?

Trends always change by the year, it always evolves every year. This also applies to hardwood floors, let’s see which colors are in trend. Stain colors are the biggest trend in 2020, most notably either dark or light. Light stains give a nice welcoming, warm, and refreshing look. While dark stains give an elegant, sophisticated, and formal look. Between the two, dark stains are more popular this year but it all depends on the style of the home.

In recent times, gray and white washes have been a resurgence! Gray is increasing exponentially in popularity, while white washes are coming back on trend recently.

What are the different colors and which is the most popular?

Dark Colors

Dark colors are definitely the most stylish and elegant. Find which tones suit your tastes and home style the best. Ebony is one of the options, it’s dark in color and gives off an elegant yet cozy look. 

Many prefer having less graining and color variation in the wood plank, it’s more contemporary and makes the floor look more in sync and consistent, making it easier to decorate and style it with, though others might prefer something a bit lighter since it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Light Colors

Light colors are more neutral and give a lighthearted and cheery feel. Though traditional in some sense, it also works well with modern themes and style just like dark colors. They usually last longer and look cleaner.

The type of finishes applied to light colors can have a significant effect on the color. Urethane may make it look more matte, while oil finishes makes it look more natural, and aluminum oxide makes it look more shiny.

Gray and White Colors

Gray is the hottest trend right now, it gives off an elegant and formal look just like dark colors though also providing a neutral and also relaxing feel just like light colors, in a sense it’s the best of both worlds.

White may be an old trend, but it’s resurging back and more people are getting white washes, this trend seems to be driven by the gray trend. White and gray are typically more expensive than the other colors.

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